Wednesday, December 17, 2008

sioux maq is back!

photo by Margaret Cox, 2008

Margaret Cox is my boss. She plays the credit card machine. She stumbled upon a Sioux Maq wheatpaste on the southside trail without knowing that I made it. She snapped a picture. Later, in her office, she just happened to have the photograph open on her desktop right when I walked by.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

runnin up that building - kate bush tunez now

sioux prettifiez boring graf

she's checkin u out, cute one.

one more before sleep

also note my did up nailz, courtesy of the nail artists of HOT TIPS in oakland.  

creeeeeeeping along

It's been a busy day for the sioux maq tribe -- I'll update more once I get some time - with many pictures.  Let's just say there were some vivid adventures along the trail.  A heroic older woman on a bicycle ("You don't wanna mess with an old woman" sez she) came to our defense against a supposed policeman.  haha.  Anyway, these are wheatpastes which means that they naturally decompose in a matter of months.  They're just meant to be ephemeral patches of brightness as you drift...

stay tuned for more updates.  I LOVE YOU! p.s. - is anyone else listening to the new portishead this 3 a.m.?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Alicia and Sioux at a party

Sioux likes secrets
Sioux likes parties
Sioux likes Fridays

happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Submit a T-shirt idea so we can send you all t-shirts that look wayyyyyyyyy better than this mock-up p.s. We like blossom Fro z and leafy eyez but no rulez 4 the best t-shirt artist will win a PRIZE.

hold me closer, tiny gemstone

Sioux Maq On A Cloudy Day

This picture was taken behind the South Side Works. Lacy branches and tiny buds of Sioux -- prettier to look at than any necklace you could find at Urban Outfitters or BCBG, don't you think ;-*